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Akpafu Traditional Birth Attendants Women’s Association (ATBAWA) was established in Hohoe in the Volta region of Ghana in 1992 to reduce maternal mortality rates and train Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs) to administer safe prenatal, delivery and postnatal care and services. ATBAWA conducts community outreach to increase access to pre and post natal care, and undertakes community education on sexual and reproductive health. It complements the work of Traditional Birth Attendants by providing them with information for hospital referrals, family planning, enhanced medical techniques and health care kits as a strategy to reduce high risk pregnancies and maternal and infant mortality. ATBAWA also conducts advocacy against harmful traditional practices such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) that compromise the health of mothers and children. The group currently is compromised of 168 volunteer nurses, social workers and Traditional Birth Attendants.


Akpafu Traditional Birth Attendants Women Association is a health non-governmental and non-profit association established in 1992. At the early beginning, the association presented by four retired         trainers, started to mobilize traditional birth attendants and recommended them for formal training by the local health authority, Ghana Health Service. During the years more retired nurses, traditional birth attendants, trainers and social workers entered the association which was officially registered in 1997. Today, the association counts about 120 volunteers.

The members of Akpafu Traditional Birth Attendants Women Association, mostly women organize and mobilize pregnant women and mothers to seek regular check-ups and bring their children to under-five-clinics for immunization. Although these facilities are very far, the activities started to make an impact. Since international funding for traditional birth attendants were eliminated and national programs were highly limited, the main focus of the association is to reduce maternal and infant mortality in the project region by improving the skills and knowledge of traditional birth attendants and equipping them with essential medical devises.

Furthermore, the association strengthens the role of traditional birth attendants in the rural communities by supporting the cooperation between the Ghana Health Service and the traditional birth attendants. Akpafu Traditional Birth Attendants Women Association have received already funding for their activities from various national and international association such as the African Women Development Fund, the Share Institute USA, Feed the Minds, UK, Action-medeor-Germany, Virginia Gilder sleeve International fund Inc. In 1998 a training centre was built for the training programs of the association.


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